Goodbye You Beauty Box. Hello Latest In Beauty.

Hey Loves

You’ve probably seen me mention a few times, my subscription to the fantastic You Beauty Box. Well this months email alerted me to the fact that YBB ceases to exist, after its September offering. Disappointed isn’t the word, but thankfully they’ve partnered up with a sister company, to offer an even bigger box with more product choices per month.

The new ‘Latest In Beauty’ box, offers 3 subscription options;

Beauty Novice £9 for three products
Beauty Enthusiast £15 for six products
Beauty Guru £18 for nine products.

I previously paid £10.95 at YBB for a Gold Membership, giving me 4 full size products plus additional freebies. So I decided to go ahead and get the Beauty Guru box.

No mention was made of any monthly freebies or extras. Although the first months box comes with a makeup bag and a free gift – for previous YBB subscribers, of a Paula’s Choice Retinol Serum (worth £50). So that’s one thing to be mindful of, your subscription price is paying for exactly what you get.


I put my order through on Thursday 21st and received on Monday 25th. So pretty quick delivery!

The first thing that really stood out to me was the amount of product choice, I’ll be honest with you. YBB on a couple of occasions I ended up stuck on what to choose as there just wasn’t enough choice some months (for me personally).

With the LIB box my biggest issue was scrolling the list and making sure I’d actually got the most perfect items for me.

With over 150 items to choose from there’s a massive range for everyone. I noticed a lot of variety in the choices too, products for European and Afro hair. Creams, oils and nail polishes. It was fantastic, yet slightly overwhelming to narrow it down to only 9 picks.

Eventually I settled for:

Carmex Original Jar
ORS Monoi Gel Edge Tamer (Trial Size*)
Popbands Hair Ties (x2*)
Head Over Heels Nail Laquer I’m Smoking Gun
Umberto Gianni Curl Scrunching Jelly
Lord & Berry Smudgeproof Eyeliner
OPI Nail Laquer in Opera-tunity (Mini*)
WAH London Polish in Y2K
MorrocanOil Repair Conditioner




Carmex, ORS, Popbands, OPI and the Umberto Gianni Jelly are all already firm faves of mine. So I figured I had a good mix of old faves and new tries.

The first thing I can say on receiving the box, it’s extremely well packaged. Very luxe looking and more in line with the other beauty boxes on the market currently. YBB offered a very simple black box with minimal frill, suitable for purpose but not high end. It came with two sample sachets of a moisturiser and a discount code for some ‘skinny’ coffee.

So far I’d give the LIB a solid 8.5/10.

Pros: Great packaging, an amazing array of products to choose from. Quick delivery and worth the money.

Cons: (*) A lot of the items are sample/travel sized. Which is fantastic for transporting and trying them out. But not so good when ordering firm faves only to find out it’s a trial pot. Having said that. The LIB website does give weight and dimensions, which you could cross check with the original product/website.

For me a 10/10 would include some more freebies but, seeing that this is only the first box. It could be that they in fact do send something (such as the makeup bag) free with each box and chuck in a couple of samples as they did this month and some more full sized products. However this could have just been bad luck on my picks.

If you’re missing a beauty subscription in your life, I would definitely recommend this one so far.

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If there’s anything you would like me to discuss, debate or review. Feel free to drop me a line using my contact form found here.

Until next time,

Stay Sassy!



I purchased and paid for this item out of my own pocket. My review of this item is completely impartial and unbiased. I have not and will not receive any financial or other gains for posting this review and I am not affiliated to any of the above mentioned companies in anyway.

One thought on “Goodbye You Beauty Box. Hello Latest In Beauty.

  1. zaralouu says:

    If I could afford a sub box this sounds pretty damned good! I’d kill for boxycharm to be available in the UK but alas it isn’t 😂
    It’s good to see the UK finally catching up on sub boxes!

    Love it babe!



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