Blogging In The Real World

Being a blogger and also a person that suffers with anxiety. Putting myself out there in the public eye can be a massively overwhelming and sometimes quite scary experience.

I’ve never been the type of person to tame down or sugar coat my life. Because I honestly believe that people need to hear relatable experiences.

Often in blogs, I find middle class women, home schooling, baking daily and driving Range Rovers. Now all that’s wonderful and has its place.

But that’s not life as I know it. I don’t come with perfect health, a trust fund or a Range Rover, I barely bake and I couldn’t cut my hair in a mum bob if I tried. But I believe that the every day folk out there need that dose of normality in the bloggosphere too.

With that being said, I often find myself being silent during periods of change. How much is a person suppose to put out there? Do people need the ins and outs? How much is too much?

We’ve all read the heart laid bare type blogs and I commend the writers who can do that. But for me it’s a no go. I’m quite a private person, so although I can allow snippets of my life to be broadcast. That full soap opera lifestyle is tew much.

During the start of my relationship, I felt cautious at the new eyes my blog would attract. Who felt the need to stalk my IG and how that would it be perceived? Just recently, I’ve actually found that my intuition led me right about this. There are people in the world, who will use any small nugget to manipulate a situation. I’m thankful for my spidey senses urging me to be cautious.


I love sharing my world with you guys. I love the amazing Instafam that this blog has brought about. I’m awed by messages of support or comments from people who “just needed to read that” – that’s why I got into blogging to begin with. To build, engage and share. To tell my stories and to hear yours.

So nearly a year on from first opening my blog, a lot has changed. Which means this blog is likely going to go through some changes too. As of what, I’m not sure yet. Life has thrown me a couple more balls to juggle (no pun intended) and come January things are set to get a little more chaotic.

For now I’m getting my head back in the game. Working on the pile of product reviews I need to get through. So bare with me guys, regular service should be resuming soon. I’m just trying to find the best way to make that work around my new family setup.

As always you can follow my escapades over on InstagramΒ andΒ Twitter.

Feel free to drop me a message with anything you’d like me to discuss debate or review.

Until next time

Stay Sassy!

– Jada




4 thoughts on “Blogging In The Real World

  1. zaralouu says:

    We need REAL bloggers with down to earth views and life that has had it’s fair share of grit thrown at it. Not everyone has had the life of ‘being handed on a silver platter’ and it’s refreshing. We need bloggers like you, who say how it is – who let us relate, not aspire to some whipped up fanciful pipe dream that most likely won’t ever happen.

    We live in a real world with real people. And personally? I wanna read that more, because I too relate to it.

    Keep blogging boo, also? Keep slaying gorgeous πŸ’…πŸ»β€οΈ



    Liked by 1 person

  2. Astarie Dennis says:

    Exactly my kind of real life read. Although we do homeschool 😁 That’s about all I can relate to with a lot if bloggers. So I for one am happy to read the raw real life experiences. You will do well with all that’s to come. You got this!

    Liked by 1 person

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