February You Beauty Box Review

Hey Loves,

Can you believe it’s March? This year is just flying past. 

My You Beauty Box arrived last week and boy is it a good one. As usual I got my Gold Box costing £10.95. Which entitles me to 4 choices. Versus the Silver choice of 3 products and the Bronze choice of 2 products

Last months picks were as follows:

Transformulas Lip Volume 

This minty lip gloss is said to increase the volume of your lips, along with massively hydrating them. You use this three times a day for 30 days and are meant to see an increase in the fullness of your lips. Plus a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. I can’t say I’ve seen a massive increase in my lip size so far. 

But it’s doing an amazing job of hydrating them, it isn’t sticky or uncomfortable to wear. Looks amazing over lipsticks or with a lip liner. It kisses off nicely too. So win win really. 

The packaging is really beautiful. It definitely feels high end and looks gorgeous on any dresser or in any makeup bag. 

At £29.95 it’s an expensive product. I would possibly repurchase if I saw it on sale. 

But for that price I couldn’t justify the cost. Versus the increase I’ve seen so far. 

Available to purchase here.

Sanctuary Foaming Micellar Cleansing Water

This tiny bottle doesn’t look like a lot, but usage so far makes me think it will last well. This product pumps out as foam and immediately turns to water on contact with skin. 

My face is left feeling extremely refreshed and cleansed after using. Although it does struggle to remove my Double Wear and NYX mascara. 

Although not a massive issue at home. When travelling it’s not ideal, as I would need a separate makeup remover. It smells really clean and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. 

Priced at £6 for 200ml. This is a tad priceier than most run of the mill cleansing waters. 

But bought on sale. I definitely think you can get good value for money. 

Widely available from Boots.
This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

This 10ml bottle is ideal for spraying on pillows/linen, to aid a better nights sleep. I’m a massive lavender fan and quite partial to vertivert too. But all I get from this is a highly floral chamomile.

This is one item I thought I would adore. But it fell a little flat for me. My sleep has been pretty off just lately anyway, but using this hasn’t helped so far. I definitely feel like the scent of this would benefit from being a more lavender heavy hitter. But that’s down to personal preference. 

I will continue to use this up. But I would be unlikely to repurchase, as I have more preferable lavender scents I would rather have my budoir honking of. 

Priced at £16 for a 75ml bottle. I do think this is a higher end product.

It’s available to purchase here.

Umberto Gianni Curl Jelly

This was one of those, I’ll pick it because I can’t think what else to choose. However I’m REALLY glad I did. I tend to struggle with a lot of curling jellies. They’re usually either too light or way too strong for my hair. This was the perfect in between. 

I used this along with my usual hair regime for date day. Found that it left my curls manageable but super defined. It’s definitely the best I’ve seen my hair look, in a long time. 

Priced at £7 but currently on a 2 for £10 offer at Boots. I definitely think this offers amazing value for money. 

Especially in comparison to its rivals such as Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls that wades in at nearly £17! Or the Shea Moisture Soufflé at £10.99. 

I will definitely be repurchasing this item when I run out. Along with looking at other products available in the range. 

Bonus Products

Sukin Clay Face Mask 

This detoxifying clay masque is really fab. I’ve only managed to fit in one pamper session in the past week. But found this product worked really well to calm my facial redness and soothe my cystic acne. It’s packed full of natural skin boosting ingredients. Smells great and dries quickly with little mess. 

This isn’t a brand I’ve tried before and would definitely give their other items a go. Priced between £5 to £11.50. I feel this is an affordable range and well in line with competitors such as Lush & The Body Shop! 

Available to purchase from Holland And Barrett, along with other online stockists.

MoroccanOil Treatment Light 

This little bottle really goes the distance. I applied a small amount to freshly washed hair and couldn’t get over how soft it made it. For me this would be a product I would use more when I was straightening my hair or on Nas’ after washing. 

These curls of mine ain’t loyal, at all, in the slightest. They require a little more substance to hold them up. 

I presume this product isn’t meant as a stand alone for my type of hair. But I definitely think for my mum, who’s of the more Caucasian persuasion, this would be an amazing all in one. 

Priced at £31.85 for 100ml. I do think this is rather pricey. However I do think it would last for an extremely long time. Available to purchase online at Look Fantastic and Feel Unique.

I also received a sample of the Jimmy Choo perfume. Which is nice enough but not my personal preference. 

So overall for my £10.95 outlay including shipping. This months box contents really came out swinging. 

If there’s anything you would like me to discuss, debate or review, you can get in touch here**

Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more shenanigans. 

As always,

Stay Sassy!

– Jada 

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