Life Update

So you might have noticed.

I’ve absolutely sucked at consistent blogging, these past few weeks. Haven’t I…

My pizzaz likes to abandon me a lot. Especially the minute my health, or life gets in the way. I struggle to find enough focus for all aspects.

This past month has been crazy busy. Chronic fatigue has kicked my butt, Nas has an infected ingrown toenail, crazy weather, family visiting, appointments a plenty and a new guy on the scene. But more about him later 😏

Last week my phone decided to crash on me. For what reason, I have no clue. But like the forgetful fish I am, I also lost access to every single one of my passwords and login details. Locking me out of everything from Facebook, to my blog.

It also deleted the majority of my photos. Which thankfully, I managed to recover. It wasn’t the idea situation and stressed me out rather a lot. But thankfully, it appears to be back to normality now.

I will be looking at upgrade options soon. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve not updated the software for over a year. But hey, ain’t nobody got space for that.

I feel like I’ve spent the past couple of weeks chasing my tail. No real down time and no self care. Which, if you’re a regular round here, you’ll know is vital for keeping me balanced.

I had all these great ideas, about how I intended to schedule in self care this year. So far I’ve done very little of it. I’ve also found that stretching my brain creatively, really helps keep my zen too. But again, I’ve just not found the time to indulge my creative side.

Now I could sit here and beat myself up about this. I could berate myself and get my knickers in a twist. But let’s be honest, life gets in the way for us all, at times. It’s one of those things.

If I had a glam squad and a never ending budget. I really wouldn’t have an excuse. But in my house, I am Cinderella and the show must go on.

So I’ve taken affirmative action. I’ve treated myself to a Speckled Fawn Travelers Notebook. Grabbed some watercolour swatch sticks (Gelato type things) and some other goodies from Hobbycraft. I’ve also given myself, a much needed day off today.

I will be back on Monday or Tuesday of next week. Just as soon as I can recover my draft posts *eye roll*

Head over to my Instagram for more fun & frolics.

Have an amazing weekend and as always,

Stay Sassy!

– Jada XO

One thought on “Life Update

  1. Rebecca Innes says:

    Too right you have a weekend off hun! I think when life throws curve balls that we aren’t used to it affects us so much more aye. I hope you have a good weekend to relax and reset for the new week ahead xxx


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