Managing & Treating Cystic Acne. My Regime. 

Hey Loves,

My goodness life has been crazy of late! 

Having chronic health issues, any changes to my carefully coordinated schedule. Can have massive repercussions on my health. 

Holidays are usually some of the worst times. Multiplying overactivity  with later nights, no rest and not eating properly. Equals a very worn out Spoonie. 

Getting Nas back to school. I finally feel like I can get my shit together a bit. Right now my energy is low and my pain is high. 

So please forgive me for not being my usual vibrant self. It’s times like this, where I have to withdraw a bit. To conserve energy and recoup a bit.

One lovely side effect of my body’s rebellion, is my acne flaring up. 

I was fortunate enough to have had clear skin my whole life. Right up until a few years ago. 

I was diagnosed with cystic acne two years back. It’s probably a result of my hormones and cycle doing their own thing – woe betide how I feel. 

Going from clear skin, to a face of painful red lumps was hard. Not only physically but mentally too. How do I cover this? What do I do? 

But the University of YouTube and several blogs later. I’ve come to a regime that really works for me. 

As far as prescribed treatment. I was on an eight week course of daily antibiotics, that didn’t work too well.  Aside from powering down my already suppressed immune system and making me rather poorly. It had very little impact on my skin.

I’ve also used the Du-Ac 5%(Benzoyl Peroxide) cream. Which although it helps a little, also massively flares the eczema on my neck. 

I’ve tried glycolic peels that would strip paint. Scrubs that have left me red raw. I do try where ever possible to go down the natural route. I’ve also done the whole skin care range at Lush. Along with ACV as a toner. None of them  really helped.

Just recently, I seem to have found a routine that works for my skin. Soothing the flares, without drying my skin or causing my eczema to boot off.

La Roche Posay is the brand I rely on most heavily. My skin, which is dry/oily/normal and sensitive – I know!!, seems to agree with French Pharmacy brands. 

I remove my makeup using the Mustela Cleansing Water, along with cotton wool. This gets the majority of my makeup off no problems. 

Then I wash my face using the Vichy Normaderm Gel Wash. Along with my Eve Taylor Cleansing Brush. The brush helps to gently exfoliate and stimulate my skin. Whilst the wash smells great, lathers up really well and leaves my skin feeling clean as a whistle – but not at all dried out. 

On days where I’ve not worn makeup. I skip the cleansing water and instead double cleanse with Lush Cosmetics – Aqua Marina and the Normaderm. 

I use Neal’s Yard Frankincense Toner. Usually every other day. But I do tend to go, by how my skin feels 

My moisturiser of choice is La Roche Posay – Efeclar Duo+ cream. This really does help to tame the flares and when using overnight. It does reduce my breakout a lot, without drying out my skin. With really sore spots. I tend to apply one dot of Du-Ac on top and have found this to be really effective. 

The Efeclar Duo+ does sting a little. But my skin always feel amazing after use. Not greasy or tight. No strong smell either, which is ideal. 

I do keep the La Roche Posay Circaplast C5 on hand, in case my skin does start feeling the drying effects. But rarely resort to using it. Although it works wonderfully on my dermatitis. 

During the day I use the Avene Hydrance Optimale.  This is a fantastically light day cream, providing all the moisture my skin needs. Without making me over greasy. It also has a SPF 20 in, which is a must for anyone using acne treatments or citrus/essential oil products. Again no strong smell and definitely no burn. This provides a fantastic base for my makeup.

I usually go with the Lush, Cosmetic Warrior –  Fresh Face Mask twice a week. This is full of garlic and teatree, so is really effective at helping tame the beast and any lurking infection. 

I do an intense scrub with Lush Dark Angels about once a week. This is a really intense scrubby scrubby, but full of Rhassoul Mud & Charcoal. So again, great for drawing out impurities. 

Makeup wise – I’ve been using the W7 Feather Light Genius Foundation, for a while now. 

I found that with my previous foundation Estée Lauder Double Wear. I constantly felt caked in makeup and it settled badly over my acne. 

Since moving to W7, my face doesn’t feel or look as caked and for such a light foundation this does an UHMAZING job at coverage. However I will be discussing that more throughly in my W7 Review (coming soon).

For all products mentioned here, I tend to shop with either Escentual  or Feel Unique. Depending on who has the better deal on. Both have regular 20% off deals. With the exception of my Eve Taylor brush I purchased from Alexandra House Spa. When I had my spa day there last October. The  Lush products, I purchase either in store or online. 

I really hope this post has been helpful for someone. I know that acne can get the best of us down, at times. Keep smiling!

As always if there is anything you would like me to discuss, debate or review. Please get in touch using the contact form found here.

I will be posting a giveaway on Wednesday, so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more escapades. 

Until next time,

Stay Sassy

– Jada 

Just to note. I purchased and paid for all these products myself. I am not being paid endorsed or compensated, in anyway for my views or opinions. There’s no hidden affiliate links, no back door advertising and no BS. Just a set of products, that have really helped me get my acne under control. 

5 thoughts on “Managing & Treating Cystic Acne. My Regime. 

  1. erinlivelovelaugh says:

    Thanks Jada for sharing what works for your skin and your regime. I’m going to look into that moisturizer because I’d like to use something other than my beloved cocoa butter stick. Your post just reminded me I need to get another cleansing brush as well.


    • Jada Quotes says:

      You’re so welcome Erin. Cocoa butter has never fitted my skin well. It’s just too heavy for me to handle. But I know how difficult it can be finding things that moisturise but also for example – fight blemishes. Definitely get a cleansing brush. This one is all rubber and I wouldn’t be without it. 💖


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