Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul & Other Escapades 

Hey Loves, 

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. That Santa brought everything you wanted and you managed to scoop up some sales goodies. If you follow me on Instagram. You’ll have seen some of my buys already. 

But I wanted to talk about my experiences buying online at the Lush sale this year. I’m sure any dedicated Lush shoppers, have seen the shit show that was #LushBoxingDay. If you haven’t go check it out, it was a mess! 

I know last years caused massive drama and I think because of that.  A lot of people expected this year’s to be a seamless process.

Lush posted up on Christmas Day, stating the T&C’s of the sale. Buy as much as you want, some profits might not be super fresh, yada yada. They didn’t state a start time. Which had the rumour mill in overdrive. I heard Midnight, 3am and 9am claims. 

The sale actually started at 10am, as it does Every. Single. Year!! A queuing system had been put on the site. So I joined up and waited my turn. It took around a hour and a half to get on to the site and honestly I couldn’t see much in the sale section. Thankfully I continued browsing and slowly but surely, more items were added. 

I managed to bag:

2 Never Mind The Ballistics Bombs

1 Candy Mountain Bubble Bar 

1kg Snow Fairy Shower Gel  

500g Twilight Shower Gel 

4 Peeping Santa Bubble Bars

4 Golden Wonder Bombs 

100g Igloo Soap

100g Shooting Stars Soap

Creme De Menthe Mouthwash

5 Butterbear Bombs (for Nas) 

I managed to get my hands on pretty much everything I wanted, (bar Christingle) with very little stress. But I had to do three seperate orders as my basket threw me out when trying to add too much at once. Meaning I paid £9 in postage.

Now, maybe I’m one of the lucky ones? I didn’t seem to have many glitches, bar struggling to checkout. I wasn’t thrown out of the queue at all, and I didn’t feel the need to verbally abuse staff via social media. I did however have the opportunity to speak to a couple of the customer service members. Who honestly, all sounded like they needed vodka and a hug. 

I know we all love getting a bargain. I know that the Lush sale is a rare opportunity. But is it really worth spitting vitriol at people for, specially at Christmas time? 

I honestly don’t think it was as bad as the Internet is saying. But as I mentioned before, I didn’t get thrown from queues or wait 8 hours to find everything back up at full price. 

I’ve shopped at Lush for over ten years now, way before they did a sale and way way before they became a household name. So to see how hectic these sales get, is pretty shocking. 

I take my hat off to both the virtual and in store teams, because I don’t think I could deal with working in store on sales day. In fact, I know I couldn’t. 

Two years back we went to one of the smaller branches for the sale. Which resulted in Nasiah being pushed and manhandled by a woman double my age. 

Mummy Bear doesn’t play when it comes to her child. The manager of the store could see that I was about to go Stone Cold Steve Austin. She made people move and actually told me to do my shopping and she would keep Nas safe behind the counter. 

Now maybe I was wrong for taking Nas in the first place. But honestly, I don’t expect people’s morals to go out the window for some half price soap. If you wouldn’t manhandle a child the other 364 days of the year, don’t do it at the sales. 

But looking at the online comments. Peoples days have being “ruined”, time they could have spent with their children etc.

I have to stop and wonder how much energetic control, people are giving companies. Lush never forced you to sit in a virtual it real queue. They don’t make products specifically for a sale and nobody is any less or more entitled to anything. 

But I agree that the information coming out of Lush HQ could have been a little more coordinated.

Yes I got what I wanted, for the most part. Yes I would have been disappointed, if I hadn’t managed to bag anything. But would my day have been ruined? Would I have hurled verbal abuse at staff members? No I wouldn’t, why? Because honestly it’s not their fault. 

I appreciate that bath bombs and cosmetics are a luxury. One that not all of us can afford often. But I think being realistic about our entitlement to things, is very much needed. 

Christmas is a time where we should spread as much love and joy as possible. Yes buy all the nice things and grab a bargain. But don’t compromise your morals or ruin anyone else’s day over the petty stuff. These are the luxuries in life, luxury being something enjoyable.  

But when it comes down to it. They’re nothing in comparison to people we love, roofs over our heads and food in our bellies. 

Lush are not the tiny company they used to be. They have compromised a lot of their values in the past few years. But I do struggle to see how this sort of demand could be coordinated better. Specially when it’s only a once a year occurrence. Although with that being said, I’m not an IT specialist. 

I’d love to hear your experiences with sales shopping, especially with Lush.

As always if you have anything you would like me to discuss, debate or review. Please get in touch using the contact form. 

You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter

I will be back in a couple of days with the top lessons 2016 has taught me. 

Until then, be safe, be kind and 

Stay Sassy!

– Jada 

Also pictured in this post are, my latest obsessions – W7 Cosmetics Foundation & Blush, The Bath & Bodyworks Dupe Candles, Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Stay and Lightbox. All purchased from B&M and will be reviewed at a later date.

4 thoughts on “Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul & Other Escapades 

    • Jada Quotes says:

      It is indeed!! These are my first ones. The B&M we went to only had three choices so I was a tad disappointed 😂😂 I think I will have to go to York Road next. You know how I feel about candles haha xx


      • Jada Quotes says:

        Oh no they both sound amazing 😍😍 yes think I definitely need to go there. We went to the one in Shipley and it was a complete mess. For £2.99 a girl cannot complain. Insomnia Buddies (we need a sigil haha). Shame we can’t stay up being productive on days we actually choose eh? Little dog has been snoring for hours and I’m just here :-/ haha. We must meet up in the new year xx


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