The Elephant In The Mirror. 

Hello & Happy Monday!

I hope you’re all having an amazing week so far. Revelling in the Christmas spirit and being as well, as well can be. This post was meant to go live Friday or Saturday. But thanks to an eventful few days, hasn’t made it out till today!

Today I’m bringing you my long overdue thoughts. On a fantastic book, I was sent to review. The Elephant In The Mirror by Annette Earl.

The concept of the book? Acknowledge, Appreciate, Accept. Annette is a qualified life coach with an interest in women’s well-being and self-image. She believes that good decisions can only be made. By asking the right questions, for the right person, at the right time.

She combines her passions, by working with women. To discover what questions will enable them to live the life they want.

Annette’s way of speaking, immediately struck me. Her tone oozes warmth and compassion. From the minute you turn the first page. You don’t feel like you’ve just picked up a strangers book. More that you’re chatting over a cup of coffee, with a good friend.

This book is like Life 101. It’s the advice we give others, yet fail to follow ourselves. This book is everything the Angel on our shoulder would tell us; should we silence the Devil for long enough to listen.

Over the course of five parts. Annette gently guides you through  reflecting on the life you have. Then approaching the life you want. In each part, you’re given the tools and the knowledge; to take an honest and frank look at your life, and the areas that you really want to change.

Annette jokes about the simplicity of the exercises given, and I think that really speaks volumes about the kind of person that she is.

I couldn’t count the amount of times, I’ve seen others try to help people with £2k programmes filled with ‘magical secrets’.

That’s not diminishing their work or their worth. But happiness is not just for the financially abundant or those who can afford to invest in it. Happiness is meant for everyone. As diverse a spectrum, as one could possibly be.

The Elephant In The Mirror offers numerous carefully thought out exercises. Which offer enough work to get down to the core issues. Yet won’t over face those who simply cannot dedicate 12 hours a day, to the meaning of life.

This book doesn’t push an ideology upon you. Won’t judge your mistakes, past or present. You’re not made to feel guilty for something which doesn’t resonate with you. Yet advised to gloss over those parts and return when you feel ready.

Other fantastic features; The online PDF for book purists, the useful resources section at the back of the book and the Authentic Elephant Action Plan sheets.

As I’ve mentioned before. In my worst times –  I’ve turned to self-help books. But I have been left frustrated by solutions that just, don’t reflect the life I have.

Of course, selling your house and booking a one way trip to Australia.  Is a wonderful solution to many of life’s problems. However for so many of us, wonderful as it may be. It just isn’t very practical.

We don’t have the luxury of having £300k tied up in a house that sells, before it even hits the market. Or jobs we can leave without really considering the risks.

So the practical and real life advice offered by The Elephant In The Mirror. Is a fantastic resource for anyone to have.

Annette makes clear that happiness, really is that easy to find. Albeit sometimes, it takes work to truly achieve.

One of the key things I will take from this, is the seizing control exercise.

“Who or what am I giving my control away to?”

A simple enough question. One whose’s answer can have massive repercussions on your life.

I love that this book, takes such an unassuming character on self-development. If you read something here that doesn’t fit with you right now. Keep going and come back to it later. It doesn’t have to make sense right now. But maybe at a later date, it will.

She speaks from a stance, that to me, comes across as someone who just wants people to love themselves more. To make better choices for a better future, because they deserve it.

I can honestly say; The Elephant In The Mirror has been a pleasure to read. I’m sure I will pick it up, time and time again.

My thanks go to Annette, for being such a wonderful spirit and for writing this fantastic book. This is a fantastic addition to my library and will no doubt become a well thumbed regular read, over the stages of my life to come.

I honestly have no criticisms of The Elephant In The Mirror. I would recommend this book and it’s exercises to, anyone of any age. I feel like whilst this might not be an interesting read for an eight year old. Some of the exercises and knowledge given here. I will definitely be translating to Nasiah. In hopes I can relate the importance of accepting and embracing her own ‘elephant’ at an early age:

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this review. Please do go and check out The Elephant In The Mirror’s website. It is also available to purchase on Amazon for £10.99.

As always, thank you for reading this. If you have anything you would like me to discuss, debate or review. Please get in touch with my using the contact form.

You can also follow me over on Instagram and Twitter. As that’s where all the real tomfoolery happens.

Until next time

Stay Sassy!

– Jada

Annette kindly sent me this book for free. In exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I was not paid for this post or my time and all opinions given are my own. I will not receive any commission or compensation for any copies sold.

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