Pick ‘n’ Melt Review

Happy Fri-Yay! 

Today I’ve got my review of the Pick ‘n’ Melt gift box. I spoke with Helen (the boss lady of P’n’M) last week on Twitter, and she asked if I would like to review one of their gift boxes. 

Of course if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter. You’ll know that I’m a lover of scented wax, candles, reed diffusers and all kinds of home fragrancing options.  So I said yes pretty quickly! 

My box arrived a few days later. My first observation, was how well packaged it came. I’ve bought from a lot of wax vendors and candle companies. Some of whom, have just basically chucked the product in the box and posted it off. 

This box from Pick ‘n’ Melt came so well protected. I really love it, when a company uses logical packaging approaches. Especially as breakages = lost revenue. It doesn’t take a genius to work that out (QVC I’m looking at you here!).

On opening, I was delighted to find a selection of wax melt bags. 16 in total, 2 each of the 8 various scents. The wax comes in tiny bags with 6 cubes in each bag. Plus an absolutely beautiful oil burner. 

Now, I have a lot of oil burners. By a lot, I mean more than twenty but less than thirty. I know… issues! But they’re not all in constant use. I do rotate them, often…

So when I tell you that I’m an experienced buyer and user. Understand that it’s coming from a place of investment and dedication to the cause haha. 

The first thing I noticed about this oil burner is the sheer size. It’s huge! Sturdy and made from ceramic, with the companies logo embossed across the front. It’s extremely professional looking and well made. The bowl is making up on width what it lacks in depth – whilst there is a pun in there somewhere. I shall remain professional. 

Also supplied is a tealight candle, 4hrs burn time by the look of it. But brilliant foresight from Helen. Should you purchase this for anyone you know, who isn’t a steadfast burner. You can smugly revel in the fact; that they are all ready to get cracking with their new sniffs on Christmas Day. Should they wish to do so. Without having to upend the house looking for a tealight. 

The 8 scents I received are all from the Christmas scent range. Snow, Mistletoe & Wine, Cocoa & Log Fire, Christmas Spice, Festive Tree, Robin Red Breast, Frankincense & Myrrh and Christmas Time. 

Whilst I’m partial to a Christmas smell or two. I often find a lot of the Christmas themed wax offerings far too overwhelming. So this for me is perfect. Not too much of one thing and all somewhat different from the rest. 

My first burn had to be Festive Tree. I’m a sucker for anything pine or fir smelling. They remind me of my late grandmother, so it’s always a comforting smell. 

Using 1 pack of the cubes (6 cubes in total). I found the projection to be very subtle. I am a sucker for really strong scents though. So this one, in my opinion, would likely be better suited to small rooms, or people who prefer less of a fragrance kick. I did only burnt this the once as I was keen to try out some others. So I can’t speak on the longevity of the burn. 

My second burn was the Robin Red Breast, of which I used both packets together (12 cubes in total). This was less of a typical Christmas scent and more of the clean and fresh. Although without scent descriptions it’s quite hard to define the exact notes. Again I found this to be a subtle scent. Although this was a tiny bit stronger than the Festive Tree. 

I would definitely say to use 12, rather than 6 cubes. I would also like to add, as this is a bigger burner. The heat from the candle could have some effect on the level of scent provided. This could have an impact on the scent hit provided. So,  I went ahead and burnt some of my heavyweight scent thrower. Which is from another vendor, and found the scent was quite a lot lighter in this burner. 

I do love the fact that you can fully doctor your scent experience. Pick ‘n’ Melt offers 250 scents. Meaning the combinations you could make are endless. You really can smell, whatever you want. Their scents are also offered in candle form. 

So let’s talk prices.. For the gift set I received; oil burner, 16 melt packs and one tealight. That retails at £12. Which in my opinion is a fair price. Especially considering the quality of the oil burner (RRP £6). But the great part is, if you buy 3 of these boxes, the price reduces to £9 each. Making them the perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift.

The core of the business, is the Pick ‘n’ Melt Party. Offering a bespoke scent experience to its customers. They offer a monthly subscription box in the two following tiers:
Standard Party Box £8 p/m: 

Giving you 20 melt packs per month in different scents. 6 of scents picked by you.  With two more guest scents being chosen by the company. 

Supreme Party Box: 

Giving you 30 melt packs per month in different scents and 10 of the scents picked by you. Again with two more guest scents picked by the company. 

As there has been some discrepancy over the way postage has been advertised, to clarify. Postage (on one off orders) is charged at £3.95 (minimum) but will shortly be increasing. However for those participating in the Pick ‘n’ Melt Party subscription boxes, postage is free. Although, I would double check this before you order though. Just to make sure nothing has changed. 

Now I’ve purchased a couple of subscription boxes from indie wax companies before. Flamingo Candles being the most memorable, and found the oil burner they included to be a cheap wholesaler job. Which reached the majority of people in a proper sorry state. They also didn’t offer the option of tailoring the scents you received. 

I’m notoriously picky, so it always ended up, with me only liking a couple and the rest being given to my mum.  So being able to pick and choose my own box would be a plus point. 

Overall, I’m happy with the service on offer from Pick’n’Melt. Although for my nose, I would love the scents to dominate my world a little more. But for people with small rooms or a more subtle preference. I think these would be perfect. 

The oil burner has stolen my heart (looks wise), so I mark that a hit. 

You can find all the Pick ‘n’ Melt goodies here.  As well on Twitter and Instagram. 

As always thank you for reading. Your comments and interactions are much appreciated. If you have anything you would like me to discuss, debate or review. You can get in touch with me using the contact form here

Make sure you’re following me over on Instagram & Twitter, as that’s where most of the fun stuff happens. I will also be running an Instagram giveaway once I reach 500 followers for a £15 Etsy gift card. 

Have a lovely weekend and I will be back in a couple of days. With my  November home & tech faves. Plus I review a fantastic book I’ve been reading, called The Elephant In The Mirror. 

Until next time.

Stay Sassy

– Jada 

I received this item for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All views, opinions and content stated above are my own. Thank you. 

2 thoughts on “Pick ‘n’ Melt Review

  1. anoceanglimmer says:

    Wow! I am in love! This is becoming a stylish way instead of candles. 🕯 I use Scensty which is a similar product, using a hot plate instead of a candle. Their Christmas range sounds perfect! 🎄 Would definitely get me into the festive spirit, with a small bedroom I believe the scents would be strong enough

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jada Quotes says:

      I love Scentsy!! My daughter has the Tiara warmer in her room! We’ve had a lot of Scentsy burners over the years but I get bored very easily 😂 They are definitely becoming the new thing. I love candles but all the wick trimming and minimum burn times is a real faff sometimes.

      Liked by 1 person

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