Hair, Beauty & Skin – November Faves

Hey Loves,

This year is really flying by, huh? To think we’ve been in the ‘new’ house for seven months now is crazy. Today I’ve got my favourite beauty items from November. At this time of year my hair usually needs a pep up. My skin starts resembling sandpaper and everything is just a bit blah. This year I’ve managed to avoid all that, so far *touching wood here*. I can only presume that’s because I had the foresight to ramp up my regimes a few months back.


Until just a while ago I had been using the Shae Moisture hair line. But I found that whilst my hair felt squeaky clean, It never really felt moisturised. I have that typical mixed texture hair, anything too heavy and I look like I dipped my head in a chip pan. Not enough oil, and I look like I’ve been sticking wet fingers in plug sockets.

So I decided to give the L’Oreal Extrodinary oils line a shot. The realised they now have a specific line for Afro hair.  OMG, it’s amazing. Sometimes it even makes my hair too soft. Which turns me into a total fluff ball. So I tend to cowash, inbetween normal washing and go easy on the oils. 

I tend to stock up when Boots has a deal on, I can usually get a good few months supply for £15. Including free delivery to my local (tiny) store. Which is perfect considering I was paying £12.99 for one bottle of Shea Moisture shampoo. I do chop and change between the Afro line E.O’s mentioned above and the Dry to Very Dry products (pictured). 

I don’t feel there’s a massive difference between the two. But I do feel that the Afro line is slightly better suited to my hair. However they all smell exactly the same, and work very similar. I often find the Afro range harder to source, without going to the huge drugstore branches. 

However since moving on to this range. I’ve noticed a massive improvement in the growth and overall condition of my hair.


This month I have been loving my NYX – Doll Eyes mascara. This is my second place mascara, falling only slightly short to the Eye of Horus numero uno. This product is a really good lengthening mascara and I find the wand shape really compatible with my application style. 

I’ve also been loving the Makeup Revolution – Strobe Balm. This stuff is AMAZING, highlight on fleek. It really has me glowing for the God’s!

Swipe swatched on Nasiah

I do have this in both shades; Hypnotic – Gold and Euphoric – Pink, and as yet I can’t decide which I love more. This product is ace for lazy girls, like moi, who want to apply everything possible with a wet beauty blender. 

Skin Care & Body:

This one is a biggie for me right now. For the past two years I’ve been having breakouts of cycstic acne, mainly on my chin and around my mouth. For someone who’s always had clear skin. This has taken a lot of adjusting in my regime, to try and handle. I’ve combated the acne breakouts by introducing mild acids and the Liz Taylor beauty brush to my cleansing regime. I don’t want to get into that too much here. As I feel I could dedicate an entire post to that alone. 

First off we have Lush’s Dark Angels. This is a cleansing scrub with a real kick, and could easily be too aggressive for some. Used in moderation, I find this product fantastic for all over body use. It’s great for getting rid of any dry flaking skin I might have on my face or back. 

Also from Lush. I’m loving the Handy Gurugu hand cream. This stuff is amazing for dry hands, elbows and knees. I tend to get patches of dermatitis on my hands, over the winter month. So this, and Lush’s Helping Hands, are my go-to hand products. Along with a pair of cotton gloves, that have me channeling my inner MJ, they are a perfect overnight solution. 

Another love in the creams department,has been my highly favoured, Twisted Peppermint from Bath & Bodyworks. This stuff guys, oh lord it’s amazing! I’m a peppermint lover, but this stuff leaves my skin super smooth and tingly. It’s fantastic! I find this a great option for high pain days. Using something highly warming in the bath, then this on wet skin straight after. It’s like a multi sensory pain reducing experience haha. I actually received this in my Secret Santa box from last year. Whilst sourcing it hasn’t been hard. Paying the prices, that people are trying to charge on eBay. Is somewhat annoying, to say the least. So if any of my American readers want to hit B&BW hard for me. I would be forever in your favour. 

Last on my list for this month is the Nuxe – Rêve de miel (RRP £9) Basically, a lip treatment! This stuff smells like lemon curd, it’s super thick and works perfectly as an overnight lip treatment. Now this stuff is a little pricey, but it lasts and lasts. You can usually pick up the gift set for about £3 more. Meaning you get a hand cream and the legendary oil, making it a bit more of a bargain, in my opinion. 

So that wraps it up for my November Hair, Beauty & Skin Favourites. 

I had hoped to begin the content for my YouTube channel this week. However my immune system seems to have taken a leave of absence and left me open, to every cough cold and bug going. 

So instead of trying to juggle too many balls. I will continue focusing my full attention here for now.  I would much rather do a good job of one outlet, than a mediocre job of two.

Later this week I will be reviewing a fabulous giftbox that I received from Pick ‘N’ Melt.Along with posting my November Home Tech & Stationary faves. 

Next week Nas and I have been invited to the Snow White pantomime at White Rose Theatres, which we cannot wait for! Thanks to Amy at Pink Gorilla for inviting us. We go to the Rock ‘N’ Roll Panto at The City Varieties every year, so this is right up our street! Stay tuned for more on those, coming soon. 

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As always, if there is anything you want me to discuss, review or debate. Your comments and interaction are much welcomed. It’s great to know I’m not just talking to myself here. You can get in touch with me, using the contact form on this site. You can also follow my escapades on Instagram and Twitter

Until next time,

Stay Sassy

– Jada 

9 thoughts on “Hair, Beauty & Skin – November Faves

  1. Rebecca Innes says:

    I’m going to try that lush hand cream and scrub. my skin is so so dry with the weather but I’ve got breakouts and can’t find a product to help both!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jada Quotes says:

    For body dryness and a break out. I would probably say Lush’s dream cream. Neals Yard, Kiehls and The Body Shop are all good options too. Definitely let me know how you get on. Pop into stores and get yourself some samples lady! 😘


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