F*ck Donald Trump! 

I woke up to snow, with an abscess in my mouth, after a bad nights sleep. 

I didn’t think today could get any worse… The Internet told me different. 

I woke up to find out the incarnation of Satan. Is now President of The United States of America. 

I told my daughter. She cried. She’s 8! 

As someone from the UK, you might be wondering how and why this affects me so much? 

Well, my country has spent years up America’s arse. You stage war, we back it. You hop out of your lane, we right there for you buddy. 

Where you lead, we will follow.

As a proud black woman. As the mother of a proud black woman. I’m terrified. 

I see black people being slaughtered. I see refugee camps and hate crimes. I see police taking a casual stance on life. Are they God? 

I see GB, following America right down that road to hell. Where life becomes meaningless and humanity is obsolete.

 As a firm supporter of #BlackLivesMatter. I’ve had people – BLACK people. Tell me that “this isn’t a problem here”. “Why am I starting troubles?” – As if that makes it any different where it happened.

They may not have shot Alton on my porch. Tamir’s blood is not smeared on my fence. Mike was not friends with my daughter. Sandra is not my sister. Eric is not my son.

But in a world where a police badge, gives you a god complex. 

In a world where; you’re shot dead in an open carry state, for open carrying. 

In a world where Officer Itchy will idly manhandle her gun. In a milkshake shop, filled with children at 3pm. 

In a world where Donald Trump is POTUS. 

I need you to understand that being indifferent and being an ally are different. I need you to understand why black lives should matter. I need you to understand that seeing your privilege. However that comes wrapped. Isn’t a problem, but denying it exists – is! 

My heart is heavy today. So, I pray to whatever deity truly exists. Krisha, Oshun, Kali, Mohammed, Osiris, Jesus. Don’t let this be long. Let this be a Tramadol induced nightmare. Let me wake to the lesser of two evils.

I had a really interesting chat with my Uber driver the other week. We spoke of the Dajjal – The Anti Christ. Adjust your tinfoil hats here people. But this is either the beginning of something scarier, than we’ve ever contemplated. Or it’s the beginning of the end. 

Today I’m praying to whoever is listening. Let the suffering be short. Keep us safe. Fuck Donald Trump 🖕🏽
Drink hot chocolate or vodka! Avoid CNN. Stay Sassy

Love, always

– Jada 

5 thoughts on “F*ck Donald Trump! 

  1. zaralouu says:

    I would hope we have more sense than the US but at the same time, we voted leave. It is a scary time for all, indeed a massive moment (or more) of uncertainty. But one thing I would hope. Pray. Plead for is we don’t go backwards in time and keep going forward with our acceptance, tolerance and more love for one another that grows each and every day.

    It’s tough times ahead, and I hope for the US’ sake something changes soon. we can’t keep killing people over the melanin in their skin, over their religion and their followings. All because people are too pig headed and idiotic with a gun in their hand.

    And they soon tout ‘freedom of speech’…

    I’m with you doll, in being scared and being a friend


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  2. T White says:

    When I tell you my body has internalized this bullsh*t…sick for a full 24 hours.
    I know we still have to go on. We have to get up (and out of bed..thats the important part, lol), get dressed and go about our daily life. As I do that I am actually thinking how long I will be able to do that. Yep, it is that serious.

    This development in US history has conjured up a fear within me that I have never experienced at this level. As lovely as my caramel skin is, its melanated just enough for someone to hate me without knowing how amazing I am.

    Wednesday morning I stared out of the window knowing full well I needed to go out into the world and make my routine appearance at Walmart, (they send the authorities to my house if they do not see me every 2 days.😋) I was scared..not knowing if someone would say hateful things to me, or anything else crazy.

    I have to dig deep into my super-mommy-womanness to be strong and go on for my adorable son and my MOTH (Man of the House) I will charge forward and do what I do. And start that countdown clock to midterm elections and/or the impeachment hearings (if we are so lucky) educate myself, and move about with my new awareness of the new world that we live in.

    I truly appreciate your words and support. Your understanding of how “big” this occurance is and what it means as the ripples reach different places on our planet.

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    • Jada Quotes says:

      TW this makes my heart so sad. You’re doing an amazing job of keeping the train going. Even though it’s hard, I believe it will probably get worse before it gets better. But I trust that the universe (or God) has a plan. That’s bigger than all of this. We’ve fought so hard to be where we are today. To stand unapologetically in our magnificence as black women. We will not be silenced, we will not go away, we will not become everything we are painted to be. We’ve been magic for a long time. Not one damn thing that man does, can ever change that. Sending you and lil man all my love 😘


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