Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille VS Zara Tobacco Collection. 

Hey lovelies, I hope you’re all doing as well as can be expected? Sorry I’ve been quiet. The past week, has thrown a few health hurdles my way.

I’m loving the darker nights and the changing of the seasons. This time of year, whilst being described as the dying stage of the year. Always really rejuvenates me. I am a total homebody at heart. 

I recently made the decision to abandon my Willy Wonka coated former scent life. Bold candy doesn’t seem to favour me at the moment. Often leaving me with a migraine or travel sickness. Sometimes both! 

I think for my late teens and younger twenties. The youthful dominant sugar overdose was wonderful. Alluring perhaps? 

For years, I’ve liberally doused myself in YSL Cinema, TM Alien and Prada Candy. Along with jaunts down the Dior and Lolita Lempick trails. I’ve even worn Beyoncé and Paris for less exciting events.

 But they just don’t speak to me anymore. Cinema reminds me of hangovers and regret. Of ex’s I would rather forget and takeaway’s that came out quicker than they went in. I’m a very scent driven person, so smelling something poignant can trigger loads of memories. When those memories are less than enjoyable, it can lead to a traumatic day in Smellsville.

I have coveted Tom Ford – Tobacco Vanille for a while now. I had a candle that smelt identical and I loved it! I’ve had no joy finding a replacement for the candle. But I did find another in the same line from DW Home at TK Maxx (£7.99). These are wood wicks and excellent value for money. 

But at £185, I could not bring myself to purchase it. Specially not if I’m going to go off it quickly. 

After doing a lot of reaserch online for tobacco or spice scented perfumes. I have to admit, I  struggled. Everything sounded great in theory but smell is equal parts notes and chemistry, so it’s hard to tell. 
Taking various trips to The Perfume Shop, Boots and even Harvey Nicks. I just couldn’t find the perfect scent for me. 

Then I happened to tumble m across an aftershave review on Fragrantica. One of the new release, male scents from Zara. 

“Tobacco Collection – Rich Warm Addictive by Zara is a fragrance for men. This is a new fragrance, launched in 2016. The fragrance features tobacco, coconut, sandalwood, honey and cedar.”

Not a whole lot to go on.. But I decided to give it a whirl. At £12.99 for 100ml EDP plus free in store collection. It seemed a bargain. 

Thankfully the store had a tester bottle. Meaning I could sample first and return the unopened bottle if need be.

My gosh, this fragrance is EVERYTHING. It’s a really musky,  warm tobacco and chocolate type smell. Totally unisex and amazing. The longevity and sileage aren’t massive. But it is a perfect skin scent. It’s not a scent where you’re going to blow everyone’s socks off. But it definitely carries well on clothes. Probably even more so than on skin. 

I’ve been laying this a lot with  my Avon Attraction EDP, again another bargain buy. But with a much bigger projection and longevity. It adds a punch to the projection of Rich Warm Addictive. This is another gourmand chocolate/tobacco scent.

I managed to pick the gift set up for £10. Which included the 50ml EDP and a 100ml body spray. 

Strangely enough, the other new release from the Zara Tobacco Collection – Intense Dark described as “Tobacco, bergamot, apple, black pepper, mint, basil, cashmere wood and tonka bean.” Smells nothing like tobacco. Instead it has a more oud masculine scent, that I don’t think would translate well with my chemistry. 

I would definitely urge anyone stuck in a perfume rut. To jump out of their comfort zone and follow their nose. 

I am really happy with these two fragrances. Both for stand alone and layering. My expensive bottles, will probably sit on my dressing table for nostalgia. Before being relegated to my mum. 

It’s said our scent preferences change every couple of months. I definitely notice these changes with my candle and wax preferences. 

At this time of year I yearn for my house to smell like freshly baked cookies and all things comforting. In summer it’s fruity overdoses and fresh linens. 

But I don’t think a grown woman should ever smell like a jammy dodger – not by choice anyway haha. So I will stick with my new buys, and fingers crossed my nose stays in its lane for a while! 

That’s all I have for today. I will be back later in the week with my November Glow Box review. Check out my Instagram for more content. As always, if there’s anything you would like me to discuss, review or debate. Get in touch using the contact form. 

Until next time.

Stay Sassy!

– Jada 

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