The Body Shop – Bloggers Event 

Happy Halloween Witches and Ghouls!
I have to be honest, and say I’m not really a Halloween type of gal. Trudging around in the cold; knocking on the doors of strangers, is not a past time I enjoy. So instead, Nas will be dressing up and handing out sweets, should anyone come knocking. 
Today I wanted to talk about an event I recently attended with The Body Shop. 

It was my first ever bloggers event, so a tad scary in all honesty – anxiety can be a sod. I took the opportunity to wear my makeup look from the Gloww Box I mentioned last week. Please click here for all of the details on that. 

They held it at Lamberts Yard, which is a beautiful loft exhibition space in Leeds. Aside from the stairs, the venue was wonderful. 

The drinks on offer, mirrored the Christmas scent range this year. Vanilla Chai and Frosted Berries cocktails then Spiced Apple mocktails for the none drinkers. I personally went for Spiced Apple which was really tasty. 

The Body Shop Leeds store is currently being renovated. They are turning into the UK’s flagship store. Meaning they will offer a lot of new and innovate concepts going forward. Their grand reopening will be this coming Saturday (5th November) at its usual place on Briggate – opposite Harvey Nichols. 

We had the opportunity to look at all the new items that The Body Shop will be offering this Christmas. This included all the fantastic new gift boxes and the #JungleBells and #WildAboutLeeds campaign goodies. A skincare bar, makeup counter and lots of products to try and smell. 

We also had the opportunity to meet the core staff, who will be working in our lovely new Leeds store. Along with some sneak peeks of the new store itself, which looks amazing. 

I think it’s fantastic that Leeds is becoming home to flagship stores, for all types of companies. To say it’s such a small city, what we have to offer now is immense. 

I had a really wonderful time at the event. I will be popping into store, some time next week. My friend is getting married on Saturday, so we will be busy most of the day. 

But from what I have heard, it’s going to be a great day with lots of fantastic giveaways and special offers. Including the Oils of Life gift set, which is massively discounted for the day. You will also be able to get your hands on the much loved body butters, with a completely customised label for the bargain price of £10 (RRP £14) 

Please do check out their Instagram for more information and sneak peeks. 

You can also catch me over on my Instagram, where I post all sorts of stuff that makes me happy.

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Going forward if there is anything you would like me to talk about, review or investigate. Drop me a message using the contacts page. Until next time. 

Stay Sassy

– Jada 

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