Pink Bow Ties

Good Day, How’re you all doing?

This a super quick post showcasing some stickers, that I received from Lameka at Pink Bow Ties. 

Lameka recently held a sale on the majority of her dolls. I legit sat and refreshed for a solid 30 minutes. Because I knew they would fly out the door.

I managed to scoop up two of my dolls – because every egotistical narcissist needs more stickers of themselves right? Haha, I actually really enjoy using these on dashboards and such. FYI if you want a custom doll made, you can join the waiting list to do so, more details available here

I posted a group shot on Instagram,  but they are so fabulous I thought you would like to see them a little closer. So here we go.

Myself (in doll form), chilling with Patricia, Tori, Ayesha and Oyesonke.

Amber, Tenisha, Diana and Mariah with the Legalise being black and save our sons kits.

Pascha, Tiffany, Tori and Harley. Along with the Still Petty pack. Which is for a friend. 
 I love me some PBT’s. The fact my tight fisted self is prepared to pay the $12 shipping fee, should speak volumes haha.

Head over to my Instagram for more planner goodness.

Stay Sassy!

– Jada 





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