Gloww Box – October 

Hello lovely people, I hope everyone’s well?

I’m coming at you today, with my review for the October Gloww Box – Dark & Mysterious.

I’m a sucker for a subs box. Mainly because they’re such good value! 

The majority of the boxes I get, are worth easily triple what I pay for them. Plus it’s a great opportunity to sample brands that aren’t so freely available here or new.

Gloww Box is a subscription box with a difference. It’s specifically designed for women of colour. Whilst I think most of the contents would be suitable for all shades and tones. I really appreciate getting a box, that’s for women of colour – by people of colour.

Now don’t get me wrong. Being as fair as I am. Getting makeup has never been particularly hard for me. Although I’ve spent at least a decade wearing too light or too dark foundation. I have Scottish and Irish roots along with Creole French. So ginger from one side and pale from the other, shout out to my ancestors! My eyes are light, my face is covered in ginger freckles and I burn really easily. I’ve had a lifetime of people presuming my race is Moroccan, Turkish or Cypriot. My genetics and even, how black my dad really is… So for me, finding a shade that complemented the ginger tinge, the melanin and the freckles has proved slightly tricky at times.

But there is a much bigger issue.  An issue where, women of colour have struggled for years to find shades that work. Having to mix five different colours or forego makeup completely. Of being told “this colour isn’t for them” or “they’re too dark for that” shout out to the eternal idiocy of Kylie Jenner 🙄

Until  recently, makeup companies have not invested time and education, into anything past Rose Beige. Thankfully over the past few years. The industry has put some serious groundwork into changing that. For a box to be available, that caters to curls and kinks. To the shades of Alexandrian sands and the Nairobi  sky at midnight. That’s really game changing.

Although I have digressed from topic enough, so let’s look at what came in the box..

This month we have:

Mixed Chicks – Dual Quick Stick Foundation and Bronzer in Timeless Tawny (Full Size)

Andre Walker – TKO Ultimate Moisture Conditioner (Full Size)

Lucy Anabella Organics – Bath Milk (15ml)

PHB Organic – Brightening Moisturiser (2x 5ml sachets)

Multitasker Lip & Eye Pencil in Seductive Damson (Full Size)

Eye of Horus – Nubian Brown Goddess Pencil (Full Size)

My standouts from this box are. Firstly the Eye of Horus Pencil, I love EOH and all their products. The saying power is amazing and they are super friendly to sensitive skin and eyes. I use their mascara every day and I would highly recommend them to anyone.Also the Andre Walker TKO Conditioner is amazing and has made my hair super soft. I think I will definitely be repurchasing this item. Finally the Multitasker pencil. Oh. Em. Geeeee! The colour payoff is EVERYTHING. 

This is the finished look using the Quick Stick, Multitasker (as an all over lip colour) and the EOH on my lower lash line. I’ve also got on my Estée Lauder (Fresco), Sleek Highlighter and Contour palette and my EOH mascara. 

The Mixed Chicks Quick Stick is a little on the dark side for me. However I will get usage from this as a contour and bronzer.

I’ve had a couple of boxes from Gloww previously. I’ve found they really set themselves aside from the core boxes, in both quality and by having this strong USP. The only irks I could pick with Gloww would be the spelling mistakes on the in box pamphlet. There’s only been a couple. But still, it can come across as being a little quickly put together. Spelling mistakes happen, it’s not the end of the world.

The price, at £15 plus £3.95 p&p. Is on the expensive side. But considering that these are all items that you can get use from. I think it’s definitely worthwhile. However, Gloww do a great job of providing discount codes and referral schemes. Along with plenty of competitions. The contents of the box are absolutely stellar and punch way above the £15 box price.

There is no option to select products, each box is a duplicate of the last. Bar a couple of the smaller items, that they switch in and out based on availability. However I am aware that a lot of other sub boxes on the market have a similar set up.

I actually found one of my, must have makeup items from the Gloww Boxes. The Cailyn Makeup Gel Lip Liner in whiskey sour. (From the summer lips box)

So all in all. A fantastic box and well worth the price.

Referral Link

Use code GBX5 to get your first box for £5.

Next months box is Beauty Comforts. All the must have’s for some much needed, me-time.

So until next time my loves,

Stay Sassy

– Jada

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