Twenty Great.

Hey Lovely People,

I want to start this post by saying a massive thanks to everyone that’s commented, shared, liked and reached out to me about my last post.

I shared a post on Monday. Talking about my health and chronic illness. How I felt a need to be transparent, about it going into my 28th year.

The feedback and response, has been amazing.

Now, I’m not usually a birthday lover. Each year around this time. My mood usually flicks the maudlin switch.You know the one friends…

That little voice in your head that talks about your singleness, the babies everyone else is having, and the size of your arse. All, of course, backed up by national ‘statistics’. Gained from who-the hell- knows where?  That tell you 99.7% of people your age are happily married, with perfectly well behaved (robot) children, a floor you could eat your dinner off and the perfect hip to waist ratio. Oh and they’ve never eaten chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.

So put the baked goods down and give me 6000 squats – Ha, I wish. I can still drop it down low. It’s getting it back up, that’s the problem.

That voice. The one that you should never listen to; Incase you were ever in any doubt of that.

Has been happily absent this year.

The energy around, and within me has felt different. I feel like, I walked into this birthday having zero expectations. Which is a massive thing for me. As micro managing, could easily become a full time hobby for this brain of mine.

I used the F*ck It approach. Change what is in your power to change. Allow the rest to happen organically. Enjoy the ride. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Harnessing this and the The Power of No, have really helped me get my life priorities in order. What is worth my energy and what isn’t.

I wasn’t stressing about going for a meal. Or if everyone would enjoy. The price of said meal, and a mutually agreeable time. I just allowed the day to happen, as it happened.

Which actually made everything more enjoyable for me and the people around me.

I spent the day, doing real life stuff. Nothing exciting – trust me!

My Mum and Nas surprised me by booking a meal at Istanbul Grill in Horsforth. Which I love!

Yesterday I had my osteotherapy treatment, got my nails done and enjoyed a long coffee date with my planner. Might sound boring as heck to some. But I enjoy the simpler things, and stickers. Love me some stickers.

Better latte than never

I’m meeting my lovely friend and fellow spoonie blogger, Katie for lunch tomorrow. Then headed to the spa on Saturday. If this is what getting ‘old’ feels like. Sign me up for another few years haha.

It’s been a long time. Since I’ve felt as positive about the year ahead, as I do right now.

For that I have to thank my family and friends. My online community of crafters and planners and fellow spoonies. People who’ve reached out and shared their experiences with me. You, the people reading this. All of that energy and love is felt. It is massively appreciated and welcomed.

So this week my posts will be a little all over. I will be sharing my spa experience next week. Along with my weekly spreads. My personal planner squad setup and my Gloww Box – October review.

So until next time my friends,

Thank you, as always for reading this.

Stay Sassy!

– Jada

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