Travelers Notebook Inserts – Crafty Rat Designs. 

Hey Loves, this is going to be a really short post.

I received some items yesterday from the fabulous Becca at Crafty Rat Designs. I buy all my TN (Travelers Notebook) inserts from her. I also have custom inserts coming for next year. Which I will post about once they arrive.

I knew that I needed some more  inserts for various things. A place to house all things Nas (my daughter) related. One for my bucket lists and plans. Plus a couple of others for blog/content tracking, one for all things arty and a gratitude journal. They arrived yesterday and boy am I in love.

Now me, being me had to customise them a bit. So I added some vinyl stickers I got from I am super happy with how they turned out. I’m really looking forward to utilising them in my TN.

Because you can never have enough lists right?

Becca did let  me to pick my covers from her new monochrome range – which is not quite available yet. But I do know, she has heaps of new items in the pipeline. Which I think youre going to love. Keep your eyes on her Facebook page for the latest updates!

** washi from CraftstarsUK

Live the dream people. Live the dream!

I will be posting some more content later, and doing the big health discussion post this weekend.

Until later

– Jada

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