You Beauty Box – October 

Hey Loves,

Happy Fri-Yay!

Every month for the past year.  I’ve purchased the You Beauty Discovery Box subscription.

They have recently introduced membership tier boxes. To its previous one option of £6.95 with the choice of two items. They have  opened that out a bit more. Giving the previous option and larger boxes. The options available now are:

Bronze £6.95 – Two chosen products

Silver £8.95 – Three chosen products

Gold £10.95 – Four chosen products

I went for the Gold, for £10.95 a month. This includes the postage for the four items of my choice, plus the extras that come with each subscription. I just don’t think it can be knocked.

Some of the products they send, are not idea for my skin tone, or hair type. But they are perfect, for stashing away to use for birthday or Christmas hampers.

This month I went for the ESPA ProSkin Serum, Fruug –  Avocado Lip Balm, Foreo Daily Facial Cleanser and the Olevrum Bath Oil.

The box was further supplemented with a bottle of Dentyl Clove Mouthwash,  A 7th Heaven Hand Mask, A £25 Gift Card for and a 7th Heaven Foot Mask. Which for £10.95 you really can’t grumble at.

I noticed on the website this month Gold members. Stood a chance of getting a box of chocolates from Godiva. As soon as my box arrived, it was obvious that chocolate was imminent.

Upon opening, everything was presented perfectly and yes, chocolate!

My biggest bug with the previous boxes. Most of the time the products did not fit. Due to them being much smaller. This usually meant everything was a bit of a mess, by the time it reached me. Or items had been broken or damaged in transit.

Thankfully, YBB have rectified that in the past couple of months. Making the boxes both bigger and black – I’m sure there’s a pun in there somewhere?

My initial reactions; So far so good. The stand out product for me. By far, has been the ESPA serum.

My Mum worked for ESPA for almost ten years. So my teenage skin got used to the good stuff. Now, as a result of my ever-changing hormone levels – thanks Endo! I suffer from cystic acne break outs. Which the treatment of, then triggers eczema on my neck.

So finding a perfect balance that I actually enjoy using, is rare. I get almost a nutmeg smell from this oil. It’s warm and cozy smelling. A few drops really is all that’s needed to beautifully moisturise your face and décolletage. It leaves your skin feeling amazing!

The other being the Fruug lip balm, now there’s very little scent to it. But it packs a lot of punch, when it comes to moisturising. My lips are left feeling soft and plump. Ideal for winter in the UK.

I’ve enjoyed this box even more so than usual. Although the chocolates might have contributed to that. Looking forward to next month and seeing what arrives at my door.

Out of ten I would probably give this box a steady 8. Some really stellar products and an absolute steal for £10.95. You also receive discount codes for the majority of brands featured. Meaning anything you legit love. You can also buy at a discount. What more could you want?

Until next time. Stay Sassy!

– Jada

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