Lush Kitchen & Christmas Haul. Plus my reasons for avoiding the sales. 

IT’S CHRIIIIIIIISSSTMASSSSSSS well, almost and that can only mean one thing…

Forget roasting your chestnuts on an open fire. Don’t stress, about the big man squeezing down your chimney. The most exciting bit of Christmas is clearly the seasonal range at Lush Cosmetics.

Now I usually go crazy in the sales. I just can’t turn my nose up, at half price bath time goodies. 

However since Lush has really hit the big time. Offering sales online, as well as in store. It’s all been a bit of a mess. People getting trampled. Websites crashing and 6 hour waiting lists – just to get on the site! 

My daughter was hit in the face Christmas 2014 by a middle aged woman, who was so keen on getting her shop on. She had very little regard for anyone else. Including a child, who she really upset. Shame on you lady! 

I love Lush, I really do. I’ve shopped in their Leeds store, for around 12 years now. Back when everyone moaned about the prices and couldn’t see the hype. 

But there is nothing in this world, worth my child getting hit in the face for. Likewise for spending Boxing Day in a virtual queue or a cell haha. I’d rather be eating chocolate and watching films. 

I’m more likely to head to the shops nearer to the new year. Take my chances with what’s left. Far less stressful.

So, seeing as it’s my birthday on the 17th. Plus, I’m running low on spicy bath products – which really help my pain. Specially at this time of year, when everything turns Baltic.  

I swooped in with my preempted birthday money, and hooked myself right up. 

I grabbed one of the 1kg bottles of Snow Fairy. 

Four Magic Wands – which smell distinctly more almondy than last year. 

A bottle of Freeze shower gel from the kitchen.

Plus two FUN’s, the red and green. Because if you mix them together, they smell like Calacas. Which is one of my absolute fave Lush scents.

Snow Fairy is a lush legend. It smells like pear drop sweets. 

Freeze is a hard hitting peppermint. Also great for pain and headaches.

The Magic Wands give me the much needed spice. Plus they blend well with other products. 

And the FUN’s? well I actually use those as mini bubble bars. They’re fantastic for slightly less luxurious baths. They can also be used as soap and shampoo.

I also asked for some samples. The sleepy body lotion and the sugar plum fairy lip tint. As you can see by my pictures, I received those, plus a few others. 

So that’s it for my mini birthday haul. I’m so glad it’s starting to get colder again. 

Autumn and winter are my perfect times of year. I get the candles and the fire on. Snuggle up in my pj’s and take many long hot baths. Heaven! 

As always, if there’s anything you would like to see me discuss, review or feature. Feel free to get in touch using the contact form. 

Until next time.

Stay Sassy!

– Jada 

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