Washi Wednesday – The most wonderful time, of the week. 

Hey y’all, 

I wanted to do a short post. To share some of my washi holy grails. This week my posts theme, is to give you an idea of me. Jada, the person behind the blog. 

So with that being said let’s crack on.

Now you might be seeing a theme here… Most of my faves contain black white and/or gold. 

Rose gold, gold pineapples, chevrons and stars. Quote washi, flower washi, all the usual suspects. I love it, what can I say?

I really enjoy layering these washi heavyweights. With a pop of funky colour, to add a little something to my spreads. I love that it can spice up presents and cards. Decorate, hold stuff together and serve lots of other useful purposes. 

If you told me my house was on fire and I could only save three. I would pick the teal, black and white tribal print, seize the day and the black with white crosses. Ideally I would take them all. But in a hypothetical three only situation. Those would be tucked into my hypothetical waist band, and abseiling down the house, with the bedsheets and I to safety. 

I don’t currently own a washi specific storage system. Although I’m starting to think one may be needed, as this is one box… Of three! 

Some of these came from a destash a lady did on eBay. But there’s one of the Mambi roll’s if you google for the washi roll black, white and gold. There’s thw rose gold from Jo at Little Rainbow Moon. The hashtag roll comes from Studio Calico and was a steal for $1. The affirmation one right at the bottom is Documented Faith – I am. But the rest came from China c/o EBay. 

For next week. I think I will cover my least loved washi. I will also be opening that up as a giveaway. #WashiNeedsLoveToo 

I really hope you’ve enjoyed my first washi Wednesday post. If there is anything you would like me to cover, discuss or review. Get in touch using my ‘contact me’ form. 

As always, Stay Sassy!

– Jada 

4 thoughts on “Washi Wednesday – The most wonderful time, of the week. 

  1. Karen's obsessions says:

    That washi loves lovely and make me seem like a mad washi lady cause I counted mine the other for my mum cause she just started planning and I have 80+

    Liked by 1 person

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