Craftstars UK – Mambi Sticker Haul

Anyone else been watching The Happy Planner Periscopes? Trying to justify yet another purchase? Guurrrl (or boy, man, woman or reptile – it’s all love here) me too!

I decided to check out the value packs a few days back. Not really looking for anything specifically. But more a case of watching YouTube reviews. Then convincing myself I need them haha.

I like the idea of getting lots of coordinating stickers – for a reasonable price. I’m not a massive fan of colour. Or more I am, but that ish needs to match, or at least compliment nicely. I enjoy purples and pinks, some blues and greens. Nudes are also a huge love. Don’t be swooping in the DM’s just yet though. I’m talking about the colour palette.

I absolutely adore monotone spreads right now. I actually think my love has intensified, from following the lovely Pascha – @PoshPlans, on her Periscope.

So I jumped in and bought the colour coordinated (green) pack. Thirty pages of gold foil co-ord excellence. Only eight of the pages are actually gold foiled. The rest are matte. For me this is a perfect amount of flashy, and every day.

Bonus being this set includes 5 pages of black/white/gold themes. Plus a heap of the motivational pep talk stickers. Something I require, to get me through a full day of adulting!

Here in the UK. Getting hold of the Mambi stickers, at a reasonable price is not the easiest. Most places are either U.S based or importing. So there’s usually a higher price tag. Or import charges to consider.

However, I stumbled across a fabulous Craftstars site, a few months back. Danielle is a UK stockist of various planner brands. Including Websterspages, Lawn Fawn and Mambi/The Happy Planner. She also runs lots of special offers, pre orders and a subscription service.

How well does this match my custom doll stickers?

When a company in the UK can offer me the U.S. prices, plus a discount code and it arrives on my doorstep two days later. I’m sold.

My planning style has changed a lot just recently. I think it’s very easy to get swayed by trends, and what looks good for other people. But putting that down on paper, it can end up a hot mess. Trust me, I’ve been there. Flamingo stickers, still bring me out in a cold sweat!  *shudder*

Planning is a very personal thing, it has to work for you! Some people love the ‘no white space’ look. For me, a creative outlet, somewhere to put all my mind mess, and something to keep me accountable and invested, are a must. Plus throw me a motivational quote, some washi and a cute girl sticker and I am good to go. But if you love the, jazzier than Elton John’s disco balls look. Rock it out and own that ish!

I’m really looking forward to using the coordinated value pack. Although, I’m hoping to save it for next year. I will likely end up caving in before then. So keep your eyes on my  Instagram for those spreads.

I also picked up the Black, White & Gold washi tube for £9. Plus the coffee clear sticks for £1.75. Which I love using for dashboards and layering.

I have  just put another order through with Craftstars. To celebrate the new Mambi launches. Danielle has a 3 for 2, on loads of the Mambi products right now. I managed to grab a tube of Washi and two sticker books inc shipping for £15. I will be posting about those in the near future. But definitely check out the website and up your planner game!

Also if you sign up for an account at checkout, you will earn sparkle points, with every purchase. Which can be redeemed as soon as you’re ready.  Who doesn’t love a discount right?

I hope you’re enjoying my content. If there’s anything you would like me to review, or discuss.

Feel free to comment or contact me via the contact form on my site.

Till next time. Stay Sassy!

– Jada

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