Travellers Notebook Planning – Featuring Meadow Gate Leather & Nessa Selwyn. 

Hey lovelies. Welcome back!

So my newest love, happens to be an aspect of planning called Travellers Notebooks or TNs. Because who doesn’t love an abreviation?

These are leather or fabric bound covers. That you can insert and remove books and such from, at your leisure.
A few months back. I managed to grab a rose gold pre loved TN from Nessa Selwyn. From one of the planner groups on Facebook. This was a reject option – perfectly useable and no cosmetic flaws. Nessa’s regular line ones, feature a reversible design. Being glitter on one side and the rose gold leather on the other. Mine isn’t glittered. Which works perfectly for me.

As this was my first foray into the TN world. I quickly grabbed the basics a week on two pages diary insert. A dashboard to fancy it up and a pocket. Because everyone needs pockets right? I was sold! The space I needed to write – and decorate. With the portability aspect I required to keep my schedule together.

Nessa Selwyn – Etsy Shop

After finding that my peace lay in the ringless options. I went ahead and ordered some custom inserts. From the lovely Becca at Crafty Rat Designs – but more about those in a later post.

That’s when I really fell down the TN rabbit hole. I went ahead and purchased a beautiful Spanish Brown regular sized (21cmX11cm) option from Meadow Gate Leather.

I chose the most cost effective option the Oak starting at £14.90. Which comes in a choice of 9 sizes. With plenty of extra customisation available. Including width, pen loop, elastic colour and if you want the makers stamp or not – all for no extra charge!

Meadow Gate Leather – Etsy Shop
I went with an Xtreme width, a cosy 2.3cm extra and the dark brown elastics. It took four days, from transaction, to receiving the item. Which for a custom piece is exceptional – especially considering some of the month long waits, I’ve seen from places across the Atlantic.
I was sold. The TN life was for me. I would be one of those girls, who could boast using the same TN for years to come. The End.

But then I  remembered October is my birthday month… Which means birthday money… You should always spend your birthday money, on stuff you love right?

If a splurge can be justified now is the time. So with that being said..

I went back and scooped up the Coal Black Oakleaf with white stitching, no pockets, and an outward facing pen loop.

The Oakleaf is the version up on the original Oak starting from £21.99. Featuring hand stitching around the sides and a super supple pig skin inside.

Making it slightly different from my Spanish Brown – which features no stitching and the raw leather inner.

My postman arrived with it this morning – again mear days after ordering, and it is a beauty!

Mike (Mr MGL) has a great talent for leather work, which shines through once the product is in hand.

Whilst I still use my A5 Yellow Kikki K for housing important information. Plus my rose gold horizontal Happy Planner for journaling. I’ve found that being free of the discs and rings is a joy.

Plus thanks to the travel notebooks being set up the same. Usually between 1-6 elastic bands, holding everything in place. It makes it really easy to pull out everything you need, and have it set up again within minutes. Meaning I can happily rotate the three anytime I start feeling bored.

I’m not a fan of the massively chunky ones. Whilst they are beautiful to look at. Mixing chronic pain, with schleping war and peace in your handbag. Does not account to a happy pain score. So, I will stick to pouring over those chunks on Instagram.

You might be wondering why the textures of my two MGL’s differ so much. This is due to me, extensively rolling the Spanish Brown. I really just wanted to see how supple I could get it. Plus I enjoy the look of a well used book.

Whilst a lot of suppliers, don’t really recommend the rolling of their pieces. So long as it’s done in moderation, and the leather isn’t artificially dried. I shouldn’t imagine you would have problems doing similar. There are plenty of YouTube videos, showing how people roll theirs.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my adventures down the TN rabbit hole. I will be posting a lot more about my blogging escapades. Including my fantastic sticker haul from CraftstarsUK. So please like and  subscribe. Feel free to drop me any questions or comments below.

You can also follow me on both Instagram & Periscope @jada_quotes.

Until next time

– Jada

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